Bets on the NBA will land at the Française des Jeux

You know that within the editorial staff we usually relay the warmest information about the world of gambling and gambling to you. And Monday is a particularly trying day for most readers who therefore enjoy our news at the start of the week twice as much.

And it is for this reason that we will once again be no exception to the rule by announcing very good news to you, finally, especially for those who live on the territory of our dear French neighbors who bet every day on the bets. athletes and are very fond of sports of all kinds.

NBA + FDJ = new love story?

We are therefore learning about it this weekend and bringing you the news to get you off to a good start this week: the Française des Jeux will indeed include bets on the NBA on its official ParionsSport website.

It is a very big information which will upset casually the world of bookmakers, because the public group, the Française des jeux, decides to bet today on the NBA. A wise decision and awaited by thousands of online bettors for many years now. This will allow them to finally promote the bets of this competition so popular with the public, within their platform.

The operator has therefore just signed a partnership with the league. An agreement that will allow the FDJ to boost and especially stimulate the Parions Sport site, which remains its benchmark in terms of sports betting brand on a national scale. Although we now know the news of this merger, we do not yet know the amount of the contract, which has not yet been communicated by the main parties concerned and which may never be …

Millions of viewers and customers

By betting on this sport, the FDJ knows full well that it will reach millions of viewers who follow the matches on the floor every day. We must admit that the NBA is in fact an unbeatable league. The latter remains one of the most popular North American basketball championship organizers in the industry.

ParionsSport therefore aligns itself with betting offers on this sport which has since been supported by other online sports betting operators such as Winamax, Betclic or Unibet. These firms were until now the only ones to offer grids to be able to bet on these meetings which take place exclusively on the other side of the Atlantic. They will now have to rely on a new major competitor … Now, it is ParionsSport, through the FDJ, which intends to benefit from a share of the pie by taking advantage of the image of the NBA, history to undoubtedly optimize its benefits.

Money, but not just …

We learn that punters will also have the opportunity to win packages. These will include places to attend matches in the United States or in London according to information from Richard Courtois, the group’s sports betting director.

But that’s not all, because we also know that the lucky ones will have the chance to meet the players and their idols. The manager also adds that this partnership remains an essential step for the FDJ. Indeed, we must not forget that basketball ranks third in terms of sports betting.

The FDJ has shown in recent years that it really knew how to be opportunistic by betting on safe values ​​such as, in addition to basketball, its sponsorship of four football clubs in Ligue 1. It indeed chaperones OM, Lyon, but also Nantes and Monaco, then organizing forecasts which remain rather judicious, given that the operator already has all the necessary skills to offer bettors the best results in this area. Let us not forget in passing that with its official site and its 27,000 points of sale, ParionsSports targets the majority of players. The firm provides them with bets, but also the logo of the teams as well as the photos of the basketball players that can hold their attention.

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