The Rebel Scum


In whats rumored to be one of the last server smashes ever for Briggs, the southern hemispherians delivered a swift and decisive beating on the Korean team Crown. Lead by Shang, Briggs began fast and from the outset were never troubled by the Koreans, who fought valiantly, but were soundly defeated on Amerish. In the air game, BAM, lead by BlueJay dominated the skies, providing excellent air support. We thank the Crown, organisers, and the platoon leads (especially Perx who lead RSNC) that spearheaded the match for Briggs.

On the field RSNC lead the way with a strong performance. With 9 Briggs outfits rounding out the top 10 killers, Briggs showed a exceptional statistical performance which reflected the dominance across the map. Within RSNC the top 5 killers included Wookn (who top fragged the entire event), Alpha, Ching, Goats and ErWick. Special thanks to Fallin for sacrificing his frags to be dedicated air taxi and Dcol for much of the organisation. Well done to all RSNC participants who turned up to the event. For more details on the match click here.


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Planetside 2
VS - 45% TR - 20% NC - 35%
  The Rebel Scum (RSNC) on Briggs (NC)

Outfit Members: 88
Members Online: 0

  The Fascist Scum (DC0L) on Briggs (TR)

Outfit Members: 18
Members Online: 0

  The Spandex Scum (RSVS) on Briggs (VS)

Outfit Members: 19
Members Online: 0

  The Gooch Ticklers (MOOT) on Emerald (VS)

Outfit Members: 14
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  The Jandals (FO0T) on Connery (TR)

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