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Briggsmash review

The build up
Briggs were considered the new kids on the block, itching to establish a reputation. On September 13th 2014 Briggs participated in their first SS against Connery, narrowly beating them 51-48. Since then, Briggs remained undefeated for over 7 months, defeating every server during that period (including the tri-smash experiment). Confidence was sky high until Briggs came crashing down in a decisive defeat at the hands of Emerald; the first to Briggs. Unfortunately, subsequent lackluster performances against Miller and Connery (including the first warpgate-adjacency against Briggs) resulted in waning interest for SS, where several key outfits ceased participation. Briggs was struggling to capture any momentum leading into the tournament with 3 consecutive losses. There were serious question marks over whether Briggs could maintain consistent numbers in the matches to come. Despite the doubts, Briggs pushed to play on.SS pre-tournament results

Tournament opening – Briggs versus Cobalt (1st August 2015)
Cobalt were the raining SS champions of 2014, and with Briggs’ first tournament match in addition to several poor performances leading into the tournament, the odds were against them. Due to prior disputes between the servers regarding match times there was considerable heat on this match. Briggs was determined to reignite the spark that they had several months back. After a tense opening, the western lane collapsed on Cobalts side, resulting in a landslide victory 63-36. A victory sorely needed to boost the servers morale, as many thought this was hopefully the spark Briggs needed (apologies for the giant dick on the map, it was the only version of the final map I had left).Cobalt Briggs

Round 2 – Briggs versus Miller (29th August 2015)
Fara’s leprechaun contingent gave Briggs a beating a mere 2 matches ago in the last game building up to the tournament. Unfortunately, this particular match fared no different in terms of the result – only to be dealt an embarrassing 71% loss (14-85), getting close to a continental domination on Hossin. The first 15 minutes were a tense tiebreak, but Miller then went on to cap 37 bases to Briggs capturing a mere 7 after the 15 minute mark. Although the Briggs offense was brave, far too many 50-50 fights were conceded resulting in several momentum and morale swings in favour of Miller. The hierarchy rode this match off as an example of “everything not going our way”. The only real positive from this match was the gallant defense that prevented Miller from a full continental capture.Miller Briggs

Round 3 – Briggs versus Emerald (4th October 2015)
Although two rounds in Emerald had already established themselves as the tournament favourites so Briggs had little hope in winning. Despite this, Briggs still aimed to be competitive. The match was decided within the first 30 minutes of the match as Emerald dominated the centre of the map showing no mercy against Briggs. Emerald wins 75-22.Emerald Briggs

Round 4 – Briggs versus Connery (31st October 2015)
‘Spookysmash’ was turning out to be a do or die match for both servers. With the winner most likely to play on in the finals (Connery had to win by over 65%). With 1 win in the tournament between the two servers both had a point to make. Following the defeat against Emerald on the same map Briggs looked to correct the tactical errors made in their last match. The opening plays saw Briggs capture a number of key bases, including Waterson’s, Mathersons, Freyr amp and Ymir bio lab to gain some serious momentum leading into the second hour. From there Briggs controlled the match with relative ease, running away 75-17. Briggs were into the finals.Connery Briggs

Round-robin stage: Final standings

Semi-final – Briggs versus Emerald (15th November 2015)
Briggs were already on the back foot in terms of preparation, only being given 2 weeks to form a team and battleplan since the last match. As a result our roster was dangerously short, requiring a number of outfits to bring 24 (RSNC, JUGA, TROL, FCLM). Our force commander Perxers laid down an ambitious strategy that would turn heads had it have been successful. It started off relatively even, with stalemates across the map having only conceded the Bastion early in the match. However, a collapse in the east forced many platoons to sacrifice their current objectives and momentum to stabilise the lane. Unfortunately, the Emerald juggernaut steamrolled closer and closer to the Briggs warpgate, capturing Amerish ARX reserve. A fierce, final stand at jagged lance saw Briggs stall Emerald from cutting off all their territory, however the gallant defense eventually fell and Emerald captured the base to round off a 70-0% defeat – the largest ever defeat. Emerald was Briggs’first loss, and their last (most likely).Emerald Briggs SF

Honourable mentions
Participation in SS could not be achieved without the work done behind the scenes and those who sacrificed their time to ensure we all get to click heads on the day. These include (but not limited to):

Tournament SS reps:
[RSNC] Dcol
[TROL] SystemsTwo
[GunR] BandanaDee
[JUGA] Kelain
[RIP] StrawKid
[AE] Mechlord

Retired SS reps:
[SOCA] Miskaton
[JUGA] Sen7ryGun
[AG7] 5cott
[TAW8] Lokithelost
[RSNC] Azure
[FCLM] Dalordish
[SOCA] MolotovAssassin
[TOG1] Werefox

PSB staff:
[RSNC] Azure
Non-Briggs staff

Force commanders:
[ZE7A] Perxers
[TAW8] Lokithelost
[JUGA] Sen7ryGun
[SOCA] Miskaton
[SHOK] CaptainThirsty
[RSNC] Zesurov
[BOTM] Squuiizzyy

Chariot (vehicle-dedicated):
[AE] Mechlord
[GunR] BandanaDee

Briggs Air Machine (air-dedicated)
[RSNC] Zesurov
[TCFB] MightyBlueJustice
[RSNC] TheUltimateChing

Additional special thanks to all platoon leaders and squad leaders, including our own Chingy for dedicating his life (literally) to the organisation of the RSNC SS team.

Briggs’ leaderboard – Kills across the tournament
Briggs leaderboard

Final words
Serversmash has been a rollercoaster with many highlights and lowlights. Congratulations to Miller for being the 2015 tournament champions. Although Briggs’time in the tournament ended on a sour note the experience has provided a competitive atmosphere to a scale no other game can rival. SS for many people, has been the reason they still play PS2 (or have it installed) and it is saddening to know we may have played our final competitive SS as a server. We have defied all expectations by showing that the least populated server in the game can organise, compete and win against the best in the world. Thank you to EVERYONE that participated in SS, from the reps to the ground pounders on the day and to my fellow outfit members. It’s been an honour playing with you all.

Weapon rankings – All servers for the tournamentWeapon rankings

Win/Loss percentage (every faction across every server)
Data 4

Tournament finals series

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