The Rebel Scum

connery SS news post2

In a must-win match, Briggs was victorious over Connery (75-17). RSNC was integral to the success of the match, driving the Ymir biolab lane to Nott amp station. Thankyou to Perxers and all participants for an excellent match. Team Briggs now has 2 weeks to regroup and prepare for their first finals appearance against the favourites Emerald.

Final tournament standings going into the finals:

More stats here

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Planetside 2
VS - 50% TR - 25% NC - 25%
  The Rebel Scum (RSNC) on Briggs (NC)

Outfit Members: 88
Members Online: 0

  The Fascist Scum (DC0L) on Briggs (TR)

Outfit Members: 18
Members Online: 0

  The Spandex Scum (RSVS) on Briggs (VS)

Outfit Members: 19
Members Online: 0

  The Gooch Ticklers (MOOT) on Emerald (VS)

Outfit Members: 14
Members Online: 0

  The Jandals (FO0T) on Connery (TR)

Outfit Members:
Members Online: