The Rebel Scum

lanesmash HIVE FRCW

The [RUGG] Rebel Juggs (RSNC/JUGA) have scalped the [SXP] Sex Panthers (HIVE/OO) in what some consider an upset victory. Fighting on the Sungrey-Ikanam lane on amerish, [RUGG] struggled to gain the upper hand in the first half, before turning the screws in the second half to run the match away 6-2 with the initial north grove post cap and a last minute capture of moss ravine. RUGG now prepares for the upcoming lanesmash tournament by sending a scary message to the rest of the competition.

First half
[RUGG]: 2 (North grove post)
[SXP]: 2 (North grove post)
Second half
[RUGG]: 4 (North grove post, Moss ravine)
[SXP]: 0 (Nil)
Final score
[RUGG]: 6
[SXP]: 2

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