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briggs v emerald

Briggs no longer undefeated – Emerald NC 69 – 30 Briggs TR

Briggs can no longer claim to be undefeated as Emerald simply outclassed the Oceanic server in most aspects of the match during a grueling 2 hour Smash. The tone was set in the first 15 minutes of the match with Emerald putting Briggs at a severe disadvantage and the Oceanic server never being able to recover from it. Briggs will now look for redemption against its next rival, Connery. Thanks to all Emerald and Briggs players/reps who participated in the Smash, and a big thanks to the PSBL organisers. #bringonconnery

gta5 story

Grand Theft Auto V Launched on PC!

Finally GTA:V has been launched on PC and already after a few days of faffing, RSNC is having an awesome time with it! GTA will provide us with something different from Planetside, lots of members have purchased GTA and are getting together daily to muck around the city of Los Santos! Check out our latest video below showcasing what our muppets and silly sausages get up to!


Briggs defeats Miller in SS!

Briggs has defeated Miller in the latest ServerSmash, well done to all the outfits involved and thanks Miller for putting up quite a fight! RSNC contributed 2 squads for this Smash and platooned up with Ascendancy (RIP) outfit, managing to capture 5 bases at a critical time of the event #Undefeated


RSNC loses against D1RE in BFL!

Was a close match, props to Daitoku for destroying our team. Well played all round hope we can turn around for next weeks match. Cheers to Goats, Banjo, Luke, Wenz, Cabbage form turning up.


RSNC Wins against FCLM in BFL Week 2!

RSNC wins against FCLM. Was a good match for both teams and the boys at RSNC which consisted of Luke, Dcol, Wenz, Banjo, Birdy and myself played superb. Couldn’t be more proud of our performance.


RSNC Victorious against SOCA in BFL!

RSNC was victorious tonight (Thursday 22nd Janurary) against SOCA winning with a final score 321 – 256. The team as a whole played very well and communication was fluent and clear. Special props to LukeXIII, Wenz, RedBanjo, LittleBird and BeyondNinja. See you all on the 29th January when we take on Fifth Column.


Briggs Farmers League is underway!

The Briggs Farmers League Invitational is underway and The Rebel Scum [RSNC] was been chosen as one of 6 outfits to participate in the small scale competitive league. You can find the matches @twitch.tv/ps2farmers. The following teams have been chosen and will compete in a 5 week season: [GAB] Got Batteries [JUGA] JUGG3RNAUT [SOCA] Special Operations Command Australia [D1RE] The Blood Wolves [RSNC] The Rebel Scum [FCLM] Fifth Column Gaming


Merry Chingmas and a Happy New Year from RSNC!

Hope you have all enjoyed the year that has passed enjoy time with your family and friends and most importantly stay safe over the New Year. We hope to see you all in 2015 for more fun times 😀