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About us

The Rebel Scum [RSNC] is a Planetside 2 clan established in August 2013 although its legacy, members and leaders stem back to November 2012. RSNC is based on the server Briggs (Sydney, AU server), where the majority of our playerbase is from Oceania and SEA. We have developed an outstanding reputation for being highly active, and being one of the leading outfits in squad coordination and cohesion. At RSNC, we offer a small and friendly community that works together to defeat the forces of tyranny and heresy on Auraxis.

  • Over 80 active members
  • Organised teamspeak-based communication
  • Regular ops nights
  • Community event participation in Serversmash, Farmer’s league, PSBL and Lanesmash

The best way to contact Rebel Scum members would be to find us on the teamspeak server or to contact us in-game. Officers are usually online frequently, however it’s probably best to seek out our Leaders: TheUltimateChing, Goatscheese and Dcol2;

– Teamspeak address: (ts3.therebelscum.net) To download teamspeak, CLICK HERE
– E-mail for other enquiries rebelscumnc@gmail.com
Apply on the forums directly


  • Admiral Ackbar: Leaders of the outfit, overseeing and managing all things RSNC related.
  • Rebel: Member of the outfit, brothers in arms, muppets and silly sausages.

For a comprehensive list of the outfit, go to the RSNC Members list.